We are the Christmasbakers

We are the Christmasbakers
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Dauer: 03:10Jahr: 2022
ISRC: CH-C93-22-00027
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Wolfgang Heichel, the lead singer of the legendary German pop group Dschinghis Khan, and singer/songwriter Georg Labusch musically bake fine, delicious Christmas cookies according to a grandmother’s recipe.

But how did it come about? 

Just as something like this always comes about, in a convivial get-together.  The two were sitting together with friends; someone had brought gingerbread. Everyone agreed that the gingerbread was not bad, but the cookies that their grandmother had once baked could not be beaten. The smell of fine Christmas baking was already filling everyone’s nostrils when Wolf suddenly said, „Gee, guys, it can’t be that hard to bake cookies.“ 

And George said, „If you had a recipe, you could give it a try“.  „Exactly!“ cried Wolf, „we’ll be Christmas bakers. We need the recipe from my grandmother’s old cookbook and then we can get started“. And George cheered enthusiastically, „Exactly, and we’ll make a song to go with it, and the whole thing has to be filmed too, because two Christmas bakers like us make cookies that make women envious“. 

Yes, and what can we say, they did it. They baked, like the Christmas bakers in the bakery at the Santa Claus and put their grandmother’s cookies recipe into practice and sang the song: „We are the Christmas bakers“. 

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